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Philips goLITE BLU Light

Light Therapy for SAD

light therapy for sad Philips goLITE BLU LightI have an admission to make.

And it’s embarrassing.

Okay, it’s not really that embarrassing, but I’m not exactly proud of it either.

I have Seasonal Affective Disorder – also known as SAD.

I know, isn’t it sad?

Seriously though, I do think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I’ve never seen a doctor about it. And maybe I wouldn’t even get officially diagnosed with it.

But I feel like I have it every year – and it’s always during the fall and winter months.

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

what is seasonal affective disorder1 Philips goLITE BLU LightWikipedia defines Seasonal Affective Disorder as “a mood disorder in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms in the winter…” and apparently some people even experience the disorder in the summer as well.


There are people who get depressed in the summer?

So back to my winter Seasonal Affective Disorder… I’m not sure if I fall under the official category of someone that would be diagnosed with “SAD”… but all I know is… I HATE WINTER.

I hate everything about it.

get rid of seasonal affective disorder  Philips goLITE BLU LightThe cold, the wind, the big coats, the runny nose, and most of all…. the short days of sunlight and the long periods of darkness.

I know, it’s not like I live in Alaska (although I did vacation there once in the summer and loved it!) but I’m the type person that would prefer 365 days of 85 degrees and sunny. Maybe even 90 degrees – but with no humidity.

Seriously. The summer sunlight (and warmer temperatures) always makes me happy. But that can only last for so long.

Once fall and winter approach, I can tell my mood swings to the dark side. To the cold side. And to the depressed side.

But now there’s help (and hope) for all of those with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

And that help comes in the form of a compact little blue light therapy gadget called the Philips goLITE BLU Light.

Blue Light Therapy Winter Blues

blue light therapy winter blues1 Philips goLITE BLU LightWhile natural sunlight exposure is preferred for the treatment of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), blue light boxes can actually be a very effective treatment of this condition.

Even the Mayo Clinic states light therapy is very effective and seen as its main form of treatment for treating SAD.

Blue light boxes for seasonal affective disorder are designed to filter out most UV light, which can cause eye and skin damage.

It’s believed the positive effects of light therapy for treating SAD may be linked to the fact that light therapy makes up for lost sunlight exposure and resets the body’s internal clock.

philips golite blu Philips goLITE BLU Light

And it’s also believed light therapy can also benefit those that don’t even suffer from SAD as well.

A recent study from the Journal of Affective Disorders confirms that even “… bright light therapy is an excellent candidate for inclusion into the therapeutic inventory available for the treatment of nonseasonal depression today, as adjuvant therapy to antidepressant medication, or eventually as stand-alone treatment for specific subgroups of depressed patients.”

Now that’s some powerful information… and a powerful light too!

Buy the Philips goLITE BLU Light

So I decided to buy the Philips goLITE BLU Light several months ago through and I absolutely love it.

philips golite Philips goLITE BLU LightTechnically it’s still summer time for me right now, but I work indoors for many hours of the day – without any exposure to natural sunlight – so I can feel a huge difference in my mood even when I use the light for a couple hours each day.

I typically use it for at least an hour beginning at 8am, then maybe again around 11am.

Then I feel like I’m good until around 2pm. So I turn it on again for another 30-minute session and that’s all it takes.

philips golite energy light Philips goLITE BLU LightI don’t know exactly how it works, but I do know it works for me.

It keeps me happy, alert and energetic at all times of the day.

And I’m really looking forward to using it this winter.

Once the cold, dark skies begin to close in on me – I know I’ll have the amazingly simple Philips goLITE BLU Light to keep me happy.

SAD Light Therapy Gadget

So do yourself a favor this winter. Give the Philips goLITE BLU Light a try. What do you have to lose?

philips golite reviews Philips goLITE BLU LightYou can click here and order straight from and return it if you’re not 100% satisfied.

I have a feeling you’re going to love it though.

I love mine, and I know you’ll love yours too.

It will make you happy…and keep you happy, during all those cold and dark winter months.

May the goLITE BLU Light shine brightly on you!

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